The outcome of our support in consulting, training, guest lectures, interviews, workshop facilitation and storytelling is often input for inspirational publications that can serve as examples for your own case or question. Here you can find a large number of disclosed publications about projects that De Ruijter Strategy was involved in.

DRS Insights: Watching the dominos fall

Similarities between the effects of the Ukraine War and the global financial crisis

Scenario Based Strategy – Navigate the Future

Paul de Ruijter’s latest book, published by Gower, is called Scenario Based Strategy – Navigate the Future.

Scenarios for Success

Book (2007) by the Oxford Futures Forum, filled with examples of scenario thinking in practice. With a chapter by Paul de Ruijter on the Rabobank scenario project.

Behavioural Risk Management, the added value of Scenarios

“Behavioural Risk Management: The Added Value of Scenarios and Avoiding Biases” by Dr. René Doff (University of Amsterdam) addresses the importance of human behaviour in economic analyses.

The technical sector's view on 2040

SCENARIO2040 develops future visions using ideas from both experts and stakeholders, as well as society. The scenario study outlines possible future visions of society in 2040 and the technical sector’s role.

Artificial Intelligence and Big Data in Scenario Planning

Preparing for what is to come is the major goal of scenario planning and early warning systems. What if computers would be able to read all the news in the world?

MOOC Principles of Sustainable Finance

The financial sector has the ability to shift its approach, so we can benefit from a healthy planet and a sustainable economy – now and in the future. How do we transition to sustainable business models?

Covid19 Scenarios and Strategies

The new coronavirus has led to a terrible pandemic. With several vaccines available, the end of the crisis is in sight. But what if the post-Covid19 world will be changed forever? Four scenarios.