De Ruijter Strategy enables your organization to put the future on the agenda and deal with uncertainty. With our Scenario Based Strategy-method we develop dynamic strategies, based on the most important recent developments and future uncertainties. Our support varies from consulting, training, process designing, interviewing and workshop facilitation to guest lectures, presentations, reporting and visualising.

Trends & Scenarios

Which developments cannot be influenced directly, but do impact your organization? And in which future situations could you end up in? Read more >

Energy Efficiency in Buildings

What will the future of energy in the built environment look like in the next decades? Read more >

Mission & Vision

What is the mission of your organization; which core values belong to that? And where do you want to go? Read more >


By using language and visuals, we can create the future today.
Jolanda van Heijningen

Don’t wait for the future - explore, imagine and create it today.
Paul de Ruijter

The future cannot be forecasted, but it can be foreseen.
Renate Kenter

How to navigate the future?

Paul de Ruijter’s latest book is called Scenario Based Strategy – Navigate the Future. Learn more about the book and read reviews of scenario practitioners.
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Artificial Intelligence and Big Data in Scenario Planning

Preparing for what is to come is the major goal of scenario planning and early warning systems. What if computers would be able to read all the news in the world? Read more >


Take a look at a few of the public examples of studies and reports that De Ruijter Strategy has contributed to in the past decade. Read more >


Find out more about our training programme and learn how to ‘Navigate the Future’. Read more >