De Ruijter Strategy enables your organization to put the future on the agenda and deal with uncertainty. With our Scenario Based Strategy-method we develop dynamic strategies, based on the most important recent developments and future uncertainties. Our support varies from consulting, training, process designing, interviewing and workshop facilitation to guest lectures, presentations, reporting and visualising.

Trends & Scenarios

Which developments cannot be influenced directly, but do impact your organization? And in which future situations could you end up in? Read more >

Online Scenario Starter Kit

Learn the basics of scenario planning in just 11 minutes, and use our step-by-step online starter kit to get started on scenario planning yourself. Read more >


CONNECT2040 outlines possible future visions of society in 2040 and the technical sector’s role. Read more >


By using language and visuals, we can create the future today.
Jolanda van Heijningen

The future requires multidimensional thinking and acting.
Sharda Tewari

Don’t wait for the future - explore, imagine and create it today.
Paul de Ruijter

The future cannot be forecasted, but it can be foreseen.
Renate Kenter

Being well prepared is better than hoping that things will work out.
Reinier Hattink

The past shows how unpredictable the future is.
Friso van Nimwegen

Scenario analyses for pension funds, asset managers and investment analysts

The list of “unexpected” financial crises is long. Those who were caught by surprise like to state that “nobody saw the crisis coming”. Scenario analyses can help.
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Mission & Vision

What is the mission of your organization; which core values belong to that? And where do you want to go? Read more >