E-learning: Starter kit for scenario planning

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Scenario planning is an established foresight method. It helps you to be proactive and to anticipate future opportunities and challenges. The future is uncertain: you cannot predict it. But you can imagine it. For imagining the future, scenarios are an essential tool. A scenario is a descriptive story about possible future circumstances you or your organization might encounter. Scenarios help you to:

  • Deal with uncertainty
  • Seize opportunities
  • Create possibilities
  • Make future-proof choices
  • Stretch your thinking.

With this step-by-step online starter kit for scenario planning, we offer you the opportunity to learn the basics of scenario planning in just 11 minutes. In addition, we provide you with a do-it-yourself guide and templates, which will enable you to apply scenario planning to the successful pursuit of your desired future.

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Contents of the training:


  • Why scenario thinking?
  • How do you do it?
  • 3 phases, 10 steps, 1 time horizon

Phase 1: Exploring the environment

  • Step 1: Mapping certainties
  • Step 2: Mapping uncertainties
  • Step 3: Determine key uncertainties

Phase 2: Creating scenarios

  • Step 4: Creating a scenario framework
  • Step 5: Elaborating scenarios

Phase 3: Using Scenarios

  • Step 6: Windtunneling
  • Step 7: Comparing windtunnel results across all scenarios
  • Step 8: Innovating
  • Step 9: Comparing options across all scenarios
  • Step 10: Monitoring