Industry associations

How do you discuss strategy in a group full of competitors? How do you make ‘the pie’ bigger for all members? How do you use your annual conference not only to look back, but also to look forward? Through lectures, workshops, explorations and developing future-oriented visions De Ruijter Strategy helps industry associations to map the future of their branch. This helps the members of the bureau of the association, but also stakeholders in de external environment, such as creditors.

We have successfully supported industry associations to put the future on the agenda for many years. A few examples:

Netherlands Maritime Technology

In 2008, VNSI and HME joined forces in the association of Shipbuilding Netherlands, known since 2014 as Netherlands Maritime Technology. De Ruijter Strategy supported this new bond in the development of a new vision on 2015. The five key points of attention were: competition by talent, sustainability and innovation, strengthen synergy, collaboration with the government and international branding of the Dutch shipbuilding. Find out more about the association’s process towards a joint industry vision.


FINAT is the European association for the self-adhesive label industry. De Ruijter Strategy conducted a scenario planning project, ‘Label Industry Scenarios for 2020-2025’. Subsequently, we hosted a scenario workshop at the European Label Forum (ELF) 2017, the annual summit for business leaders, media representatives and stakeholders along the labelling value chain in Europe. De Ruijter conducted a scenario planning project for the European label industry, assessing the impact of major driving forces on the label industry.


Cedris is the industry association of social employment companies. When Cedris contacted us, they expected to experience huge shifts in the industry for the next 15 years. In order to deal with these possible shifts in the industry, de Ruijter Strategy initiated a Scenario Planning process in cooperation with the industry. Cedris members increasingly keep the full range of groups of people at a distance from the labor market. What problems will people at a distance from the labor market face in the next 15 years and how can we provide the right professional guidance and infrastructure for the development of this group? Cedris started a scenario project with de Ruijter Strategy to develop 4 possible scenarios for the future. These scenario’s can be read (only in Dutch) in Agenda voor de Toekomst – deel 3: Scenario’s voor 2025.

Trade Association of Private Insurance Companies

With the help of de Ruijter Strategy, de Association of Insurance developed the InsuranceLAB, a multifunctional, high tech space that is suitable for interactive innovation sessions, trend exploration or scenario workshops. The director of the Association articulated the InsuranceLAB as “A place to enter into dialogue with others to achieve innovation. Inside, but preferably also outside the sector.” As one of the external parties, de Ruijter Strategy has advised and supported the Association about the design and the possibilities for teaching methods.


The NVRD unites the Dutch municipalities and their public companies that are responsible for waste management and the management of public space. De Ruijter Strategy supported the NVRD in a future scenario project, guided by the question ‘What will the waste management industry look like in 2050?’ Different future scenarios of waste and raw materials management were mapped, which subsequently could be used by members of the NVRD to develop a future-sustainable strategy. Learn more about the outcome (in Dutch) here.

Also read our article ‘Creating a bigger pie’, written in cooperation with Jules Lejeune, of Lejeune Association Management.

As the above projects for various industry associations make clear, de Ruijter Strategy offers wide-ranging services to industry associations. Would you like to know more about how De Ruijter Strategy can be of service to industry associations? Contact us at +31 (0) 20 625 02 14, or email jolanda van Heijningen