Pension funds

Developments in the pension funds landscape are happening in rapid succession. Dealing with all those changes on the short term has become a daily routine. But pension funds by definition deal with the long term and therefore it is high time to redirect the sights to the long term. Is your pension fund ready for the future? How fast can you move along with future changes in politics, the economy and supervision? Developing a vision of the future as a control mechanism shall help you make a plan to which your stakeholders have a right. Unfortunately we cannot look ahead into the future, but we can imagine different scenarios of the future and in that way prepare ourselves for what the future might bring.

De Ruijter Strategy has demonstrable experience with long term exploration in the pension fund sector (ABP, PGGM, Aon, Mercurius), both in the board room as in the execution of such strategy and vision projects, with both smaller and the largest pension funds. We take away the care of pension fund boards and support them on their way to a robust vision of the future. We go through a process in which all your stakeholders are involved methodically and according to a plan. We do this to gather input as well as create a support basis for the outcomes of the vision project. During this process the board of the pension funds is in the driver seat, befitting of their role. You keep doing what you are good at and together we ensure that you are and remain ready for the future. The process will provide you with steering mechanisms to ensure you can operate on the long term and offer pension funds that are stable in value.

What does a vision project at a pension fund look like?

  • Intake: introduction and determining goals
  • Individual interview round with members of the board
  • Introduction with the board and governing body on trends, scenarios, vision, and options
  • Session with the board in which a concept vision is formulated
  • De Ruijter Strategy develops and works up the concept vision
  • Sessions with participants, social partners and the supervisor on the concept
  • Determining the vision of the board

The whole process takes, depending on the agenda of those involved, about half a year. The amount of time you need to put in is limited; we design, support and guard the progress of the process and ensure that all input is recorded in the concept vision. Because we have standardized the process we can roll out against fixed costs. Professionally and with care we pay attention to the specific tasks that make your pension fund unique.
We also support pension fund executives with exploring the future.

Would you like to know more about how De Ruijter Strategy can be of service to vision formation for pension funds boards or executives? Contact us at +31 (0) 20 625 02 14, or email Jolanda van Heijningen: