Friso van Nimwegen

History shows us how unpredictable the future can be.

Friso van Nimwegen (History, Leiden University) fulfills the role of writer and editor at De Ruijter Strategy. It is his task to record and arrange the insights of strategic conversations and workshops in clear and navigable texts, whether it be a scenario document, policy plan, strategic memo, or a different type of written product. He also writes articles that describe and analyze interesting projects on which De Ruijter Strategy has worked through the years.

In his work at De Ruijter Strategy, Friso can put his knowledge of history to excellent use. After all, where it is the historian’s task to narrate the past, it is the strategist’s task to narrate the future. And although history never quite repeats itself, more often than not it does seem to rhyme. It is therefore always a smart idea to look to the past before making plans for the future, as history helps to stretch the limits of one’s imagination and provides inspiration for possible future scenarios.

During his free time, Friso likes to go cycling or rock climbing with his friends. He is also an avid novel reader and regularly goes to the movies.