Graduation student wanted!

In the next couple of months we will be researching the link between uncertainty and financial decision making: How is business valuation and investment decision making influenced by uncertainty?
Normally, for these decisions the Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) method is used. A DCF consists of:
1. Forecast of cash out
2. Forecast of cash in
3. Forecast of the investment’s terminal value
4. Discount rate, based on the ‘risk free rate’
What if these four factors are all uncertain? How to involve uncertainty explicitly in the investment decision? We are currently researching these questions, using scenarios and real options theory, and we can use some help.

What we need

We are looking for a highly motivated, nearly graduated Master student (Economics, Finance, Econometrics or Business), who wants to join our team starting March or April to work with the managing director on an academic research article about the link between changes in the context of organisations (like climate change, technological innovation and politics) and investment decisions. Someone who is eager to ‘crack the code’, who can work with the DCF method and preferably also knows about the Real Option Theory. An inquisitive ‘quant’ with the ability to present the research results in an academic yet accessible publication (in English).

What we offer

We offer the opportunity to do research on board level for 4 months, with a proper student fee and direct access to a broad variety of expertise in the field of strategic management. The assignment is also very suitable for a Master Thesis or later PhD work. You will have the opportunity to be coached for your Master Thesis by one of our consultants.

Want the job?

Send your motivation and resumé (both in English) to Jolanda van Heijningen: If we like what we read, we will invite you to meet up at our Amsterdam office.