Which choices does the organization have to be prepared for certain situations?

If you have explored the environment and developed a set of scenarios for the future, time has come to go back to your own organization to connect the possible future circumstances to your own course. How can you create business value from your scenarios? You can use the future scenarios to test whether the current organization and its plans are future-proof and think of options that make the organization successful under all circumstances. What can you do to prepare for certain situations? Which options are relevant and plausible in all scenarios, meaning they are robust and future-proof? Which options are successful only under certain circumstances (call options) and which ones can you better stop after certain developments (put options)? You can also ‘windtunnel’ your current activities and plans by testing them against the scenarios.

Because options of organizations are part of the strategy, they are often not available for publication. This is different for governmental organizations such as the Dutch Ministry of Defense:

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