De Ruijter Strategy

De Ruijter Strategy, founded by Paul de Ruijter, supports government and business organizations to put the future on the agenda and deal with uncertainty. Our Scenario Based Strategy method helps developing dynamic strategies, based on the most important recent developments and future uncertainties. Our support varies from consulting, training, process designing, interviewing and workshop facilitation to guest lectures, presentations, reporting and visualising. We work globally, with associate partners like Robert Hewins and corporate associates like Prospex, with offices in Brussels and Berlin.

What distinguishes us from other consultants is that we believe that our clients should be able to increase their own collective knowledge about the uncertainties in the (mid) long term and how to be prepared. A lot of knowledge is already present within your organization or just outside. Our added value is to locate, verify and elaborate this knowledge and augment it with external insights through a well-structured and often participative process. By presenting the results of these explorations in complete yet easy accessible reports and presentations, we offer you a tool for determining your options, vision and roadmap for the future. The collective path to knowledge will make your project team, management team or board feel strongly committed to the results, enabling a smooth implementation of your plans to navigate the future.