Are you ready to ‘Navigate the Future?’

Each organisation develops ongoing plans to improve and create a stronger future. Large or small, whether a business, government body or trade organisation – your organisation will need a dynamic strategy to withstand a range of possible scenarios. This strategy will enable you to react accordingly to each likely scenario, creating space for your organisation to succeed whatever the circumstances.

If the wind changes and you want to stay on course, you will have to adjust your sails and be ready to tack whenever necessary. In our view, formulating strategy is not an analytical method but a participative design process.

In De Ruijter’s ‘Scenario Based Strategy’-model this process consists of eight strategic topics: mission, trends, scenarios, options, vision and roadmap are the first six.
In addition, to get the organization to start moving, thinking and acting should be connected and from that point forward this connection needs to be monitored regularly to make sure you are still on course and everyone is still in the right place.

Click below to find more information on each of the strategic topics.

Trends & Scenarios

Which developments cannot be influenced directly, but do impact your organization? And in which future situations could you end up in? Read more >

Mission & Vision

What is the mission of your organization; which core values belong to that? And where do you want to go? Read more >


Which choices does the organization have to be prepared for certain situations? Read more >

Roadmap and action

Which steps should you take to achieve your vision under various conditions? And who will put these steps into action? Read more >


Which signals for changes do you see in the environment while traveling? Are you still on the right course? Read more >