Federal Government

How do you work future-oriented in a political context? Which public services will society call for in the future? Which, sometimes opposed, goals do we want to reach and how do we involve all parties concerned? Visions on 2030 or even further, exploration of the future and strategic round-table talks are taking place everywhere: foresight is the essence of government. De Ruijter Strategy regularly participates in scenario analyses and facilitates a debate about the future or a scenario workshop on a weekly basis. We take people away from the issues of the day, but do not let them ‘float’. At the right moment we put their shoulders to the wheel. ‘Head in the clouds, but feet firmly rooted in the ground.’ We present the outcomes of the process in clear, well documented and concise reports.

Over the past fifteen years, de Ruijter Strategy has supported various ministries, but also the National Police Services Agency, the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee, and the national police in explorations of the future and strategy projects. In addition, there was always room in these projects for working with stakeholders and building up internal competencies. There was also often interdepartmental cooperation, for example with the explorations of the ministry of Defense.

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