The division of tasks and responsibilities between federal government and municipalities is in constant flux. Under de influence of urbanization and decentralization federal governments sometimes push difficult cases on the plate of the municipalities. New tasks and responsibilities that ask for well-thought-out long-term vision, but that simultaneously multiply operational tasks at a high speed and consume the capacity. Breaking through such a field of tension calls for strategic insight and a common vision. It starts with a process within the municipal organization, into which the external world can subsequently be involved. Using each other’s knowledge, perspective and brainpower; seeing the bigger picture together.

De Ruijter Strategy has supported many municipalities and cities in the Netherlands throughout the years with exploring the future and developing a vision. For example the municipality of Velsen has finished her project Vision on Velsen 2025, a process in which the bench of Mayor and Aldermen together with the council, citizens and stakeholders, spoken out about the future of Velsen. At the moment many local governments have a need to formulate an active vision on living and housing for the longer term which takes into account the changing circumstances on the housing market and with the land development. Recently we have supported the municipality of Harderberg with developing their vision on housing for 2020.

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