Roadmap and Action

Which steps do you have to take under different circumstances to reach the destination? And who will concretely execute these steps?

Once the scenarios are known, the vision determined, and the options gathered, it is time to take action. For that purpose we need a step-by-step plan, or a roadmap. This is what in real terms is considered to be ‘the strategy’ of an organization.
The roadmap describes in practical steps what the organization stands for now (the mission), where they want to go in the future (vision) and which actions they have to undertake in order to reach that. In addition the roadmap ideally also contains the division of roles: who does what, when and how?

Roadmaps are part of the strategy of companies and institutions and are therefore often not available for publishing. De Ruijter Strategy was involved in developing roadmaps about Energy Efficiency in Buildings for the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD). Furthermore, de Ruijter Strategy also worked on the strategy policy 2011-2015 “Sustained access to digital
research data” of DANS (Data Archiving and Networked Services) in the Netherlands.

After the elaborate process of creating the strategy it is import that, once the roadmap is there, the organization comes into and continues to be in action. Your employees have to get inspired and feel closely associated with the strategy. You can help someone to get and keep going by letting people work together regularly in workshops, in which they have to realize something together with which they can continue next time. Our experience with planning of regular follow-up sessions in strategy projects is that people develop a common view of the path to the future and that the enthusiasm for the execution of the roadmap grows.

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