Renate Kenter

“The future cannot be forecasted, but it can be foreseen.”

Renate Kenter (Political Science, University of Amsterdam) has been working at De Ruijter Strategy since 2005, as a strategy consultant, instructor and facilitator.

She has extensive experience in designing and facilitating scenario-to-strategy projects in both the public and private sector. She thoroughly enjoys the process of facilitating a (strategic) dialogue between people with varying perspectives and backgrounds, and of setting organizations in motion as a result. In this way, she has helped create many constructive links through the years, between public administrators, civilians, municipal councils, professionals, managers, directors, scientists, etc. In addition, Renate teaches scenario thinking at the VU Amsterdam, Delft Top Tech, Nyenrode Business University, SIOO and the University of Amsterdam.

Before joining De Ruijter Strategy, Renate worked for the Center of Organizational Learning and Change (OLC) at Nyenrode Business University. She lives near Amsterdam and likes to spend her free time travelling and enjoying nature with her husband and dog.