Intelligence & early warning systems

Preparing for what is to come is the major goal of scenarioplanning, business intelligence and early warning systems. We at De Ruijter Strategy don’t stop thinking after the scenarios and strategy development has been done. We help our clients with setting up and running a continuous monitoring system, using the latest and best AI enabled tools. For the latter we work closely together with our technology partner NEWSCONSOLE/

When you have developed a dynamic strategy after an intensive process, you are not supposed to thereupon just lean back. Time never stands still and you have to continue to pay attention to a changing internal and external context, updating your trend overview where needed and exercise real call or put options if and when needed.

By monitoring selected early warning signals, the organization can develop a sense of the direction in which the future is developing early on. Dynamic strategy is never a once-only project, but a continuous process. Our experience is that collective monitoring of early warning signals, for example in a recurrent workshop with all parties concerned, inspires action and keeps the organization on course.

You can read more about how we link scenarios, real options and dynamic strategy in our book Scenario Based Strategy – Navigate the Future and publications like Artificial Intelligence and Big Data in Scenario Planning. An example of how we developed a early warning system for the Dutch Ministry of Justice can be read here: “Monitoring the future. Building an early warning system for the Dutch Ministry of Justice,” which was published in Futures. Read more here.

Would you like to know more about how De Ruijter Strategy can be of service to you with identifying early warning signals or setting up and deploying an intelligence function? Contact us at +31 (0) 20 625 02 14, or email Jolanda van Heijningen.