The technical sector's view on 2040

SCENARIO2040 develops future visions using ideas from both experts and stakeholders, as well as society. The scenario study outlines possible future visions of society in 2040 and the technical sector’s role.

SCENARIO2040 forms a basis for discussion within and between technical sector companies and with other parties, including government agencies, trade associations, educational bodies and chain partners. A discussion on the consequences of innovations, new applications of technology, problems resulting from this and finally, possible solutions - in relation to the outlined scenarios. As the aim is to connect with other sectors, the target group is intentionally more extensive than the technical sector alone.

The scenarios outline possible future visions of society in 2040 and the technical sector’s role. In scenario 'Pressing ahead' mankind's main goal for 2040 is striving for economic growth and infividual prosperity. Technology is unlimited and reinforces societal problems such as inequality. Large tech companies become 'too big to fail'.They dominate the generic market of the technical sector and control the entire chain.
In scenario 'Green new deal' mankind's goal for 2040 is the collective welfare of people, animals and the planet. Technology and sustainable business models contribute to resolving societal problems, such as climate change.Tech companies are regulated and serve society; there are many different suppliers. In the technical sector a multipicity of installation companies all have their own specialisation, promoting the circularity of products.

This research was conducted by Panteia and De Ruijter Strategy on behalf of Techniek Nederland, in collaboration with its strategic partners Wij Techniek, ISSO and TVVL. Read all about it and download the full report here.
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