MOOC Principles of Sustainable Finance

The financial sector has the ability to shift its approach, so we can benefit from a healthy planet and a sustainable economy – now and in the future. How do we transition to sustainable business models?

Finance has long been seen as an obstacle in tackling the world’s challenges. But in this MOOC, you will learn how finance can be used to better the world. The future is not about money, it is about value creation.

This nine-week course draws on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. You will explore sustainable banking and asset management, effective engagement, sustainable scenario analysis and long-term value creation.

De Ruijter Strategy's Paul de Ruijter worked with RSM Prof. Dirk Schoenmaker to integrate scenario analysis and option valuation into sustainable finance, as methodologies to incorporate the important long-term perspective. Read more about the MOOC here..

If you want to learn more about sustainable finance, read Dirk Schoenmaker's 2017 publication “From Risk to Opportunity: A Framework for Sustainable Finance”, to which Paul de Ruijter also made a contribution.