Covid19 Scenarios and Strategies

The new coronavirus has led to a terrible pandemic. With several vaccines available, the end of the crisis is in sight. But what if the post-Covid19 world will be changed forever? Four scenarios.

Most organizations are dealing with this pandemic, caused by the new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 leading to COVID-19 disease, under the assumption that everythinh would return to normal after a vaccine would be available. The immediate strategy was to delay plans and to make sure the organization can bridge this period, mostly by delaying or reducing activities. Small adjustments are made, like working from home, but all based on the assumption that the crisis will soon be over. However, what if the post-corona world will be changed forever?

Society has been adapting to the new situation. Governments have learned the need for swift and bold action. Employees are used to teleworking. Students and teachers have experienced the benefits of distance learning. And society as a whole has learned to appreciate the value of a well-equipped and high performing health care system. Some have even re-evaluated their priorities in life in general. The longer the crisis has lasted, the greater the probability that new behavior will last and that value systems will be changed structurally (the top right blue scenario). For instance, in this scenario will we see a lasting change in governance structures and taxation. Organizations needed to transform to this new situation, not only to survive, but to prosper in a changed world. If we assume that some changes following from the corona crisis are here to stay, why not try to adapt or transform more rapidly?

This article is a co-production of: Paul de Ruijter, Renate Kenter, Stuart van den Bos, Jolanda van Heijningen, dr. Marc Gramberger and dr. Steven Libbrecht.
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