The outcome of our support in consulting, training, guest lectures, interviews, workshop facilitation and storytelling is often input for inspirational publications that can serve as examples for your own case or question. Here you can find a large number of disclosed publications about projects that De Ruijter Strategy was involved in.

FINAT Technical Seminar 2018

On 7 - 9 March, another successful FINAT Technical Seminar was concluded in Barcelona. De Ruijter Strategy moderated two of the workshops.

Netherlands Maritime Technology: 5 challenges to confront

Looking towards the future, the maritime industry identified five important common points of attention to remain successful.

Shell: someone dared to ask the question

Dr. Henk Alkema (1934-2017) talks about the Shell oil prices scenarios that made scenario based strategy famous.

Scenario analyses for pension funds, asset managers and investment analysts

The list of “unexpected” financial crises is long. Those who were caught by surprise like to state that “nobody saw the crisis coming”. Scenario analyses can help.

European Label Forum 2017 - Berlin

De Ruijter Strategy conducted a scenario planning project 'Label Industry Scenarios for 2020-2025' and hosted the scenario workshop at the FINAT ELF in Berlin.

Energy efficient pumps 2020

Implications of the Extended Product Approach.

Scenarios on Energy Efficiency in Buildings 2050

What will the future of energy in the built environment look like in the next decades?

Navigating the Future with ORSA

Looking ahead is no longer a mere nice-to-have, but a must-have to successfully navigate the future of insurance.