The outcome of our support in consulting, training, guest lectures, interviews, workshop facilitation and storytelling is often input for inspirational publications that can serve as examples for your own case or question. Here you can find a large number of disclosed publications about projects that De Ruijter Strategy was involved in.

Dutch housing market scenarios

The Directorate-General Housing, Building and Integration (WBI) asked De Ruijter Strategy to create different future scenarios for economic development and to outline the housing market policy issues arising from them.

Scenarios at IHC Mining and the Ministry of Defence

Report of the dinner speeches at De Ruijter's Scenario Planning Master Class 2013

Scenarios at Shell and Rabobank

Report of the dinner speeches at De Ruijter's Scenario Planning Master Class 2012

Future Policy Survey

An article about the process supported by De Ruijter Strategy, that lead to new foundation for the Armed Forces of The Netherlands.

Long-term Scenarios for the Rhine Estuary-Drechtsteden Delta

The Netherlands has the best protected delta in the world. But how do we safeguard our country against high water in the long run?

Law of the Future: Law Scenarios to 2030

The Hague Institute for the Internationalization of Law (HiiL) has set the initiative to actively think about the law of the future and the future of law.

WBCSD - Energy Efficiency in Buildings

'A world where buildings consume zero net energy'

Creating a bigger pie

Risks and opportunities for international industry associations. By Saskia Stolk, Paul de Ruijter, Constantijn Dolmans and Jules Lejeune.