Scenarios for Success

Book (2007) by the Oxford Futures Forum, filled with examples of scenario thinking in practice. With a chapter by Paul de Ruijter on the Rabobank scenario project.

Turning insights into action

This book, written by members of the Oxford Futures Forum and edited by Bill Sharpe and Kees van der Heijden, is a unique and wide-ranging collection of scenario planning case studies.

Developed at Shell as a way to deal with future uncertainty, scenario planning is currently being used far and wide in both commercial companies and government organizations, from the highest to the lowest level. Scenarios for Success offers a complete view scenario planning's development in the past years and is meant as a guide for strategy professionals to turn theory and methodology into instruments for palpable action.

One of the book's chapters was written by Paul de Ruijter and deals with the success of a scenario planning project at Rabobank. The book is available for purchase on the website of its publisher.