Pre-order The Visual Facilitation Guide

Working visually helps people to connect, engage, and collaborate better, getting more done, faster. This book teaches you how.

The Visual Facilitation Field Guide presents new approaches and stories from expert visual facilitators all around the world. Co-authors share their own experiences, showing you what visual facilitation is and illustrating its many applications in meetings, strategic planning, coaching, training, and other aspects of work. Whether you are a visual facilitator, want to hire one, or want to try some of the methods yourself, the chapters clearly explain how to implement the co-authors' ideas so that you, too, can reap the benefits of working visually.

De Ruijter Strategy's Renate Kenter is one of the co-authors that shares her experiences with visual facilitation in this guide.

Visit the Kickstarter page, with more information on the book and how to pre-order it with a discount, and make sure you will be one the first to receive it when it is issued.