Dennis Hoogland

“Asking the right question is even more important than giving the right answer.”

Dennis Hoogland (Business Strategy and Organization; Philosophy of Culture and Public Administration, VU Amsterdam) has been working as a strategy consultant, scenario thinker and process facilitator at De Ruijter Strategy since 2020. He specializes in guiding different branches of an organization through the strategic thought process. From his background in philosophy, he likes to provide fresh takes on current strategic questions.

In addition to his work as a strategy consultant, Dennis has been involved in his local Rabobank members’ council, for which he has fulfilled the role of chair since 2019. Having been trained as a commissioner, he hopes to help organizations navigate the future in this capacity, too.

During his years at De Ruijter Strategy, Dennis has worked for (among others) local governments, branch organizations, housing corporations, and social workshops. He teaches scenario thinking at VU Amsterdam, the University of Amsterdam and UTwente, and facilitates interactive training sessions and workshops.

In his free time, Dennis enjoys spending time in the gym, where he tracks his athletic progress in order to evaluate the efficiency of his workout strategy. He also likes cooking, and regularly goes scuba diving in a Dutch lake or the North Sea.